The Cleaning Company and Woodford Green Preparatory School

Keeping Woodford Green Preparatory School Clean and Safe

Woodford Green Preparatory School is a prestigious, independent school which has achieved academic accolade.  The Cleaning Company is responsible for the school’s cleanliness and hygiene, which helps to ensure a safe environment for the staff and children.

Our work in keeping the school clean creates a comfortable and appealing environment for all who work at, study at and visit the school. Excellent hygiene also minimises risk of infections passing between the pupils which can cause illness and absences.This not only effective for physical health but improves the mental wellbeing and morale of both staff and students.

“We are absolutely delighted with The Cleaning Company. Having used other cleaning companies, without doubt, The Cleaning Company were by far the most professional, proactive and hands-on.  They react speedily to any challenges we face. The team are a pleasure to work with, they are flexible around the school timetable and are fastidious with the essential detail.”

“Other benefits include the management’s supervision of the cleaners and their saving of OUR time through a comprehensive auditory procedure and monitoring. Highly recommended.” 

Woodford Green Preparatory School

Chan Mehta, Managing Director of The Cleaning Company, is extremely happy with the feedback received from the school.

“We are experienced at supporting schools and as part of our recruitment and training processes, ensure that all cleaners are vetted and highly-trained in appropriate cleaning practices.”

“We have designed an in-house training programme for teams working in schools. Schools can rest assured that specific sector issues, such as safeguarding, are comprehensively addressed.”

Chan Mehta – Managing Director, The Cleaning Company

The Cleaning Company works with numerous educational establishments including schools and nurseries. Experienced with the stringent rules surrounding working with children, they ensure ongoing training regarding safety, protocol and that all standards are fulfilled. Furthermore, all necessary audit trails of cleaning activities are managed and maintained in readiness for a check or inspection.

With the support of contractors such as The Cleaning Company, Woodford Green Preparatory School ensures that children and staff can work and study, in a well-maintained environment.

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