As sure as time itself, the autumn season draws closer and we say goodbye to another summer. With the new season comes the rain, dirt and mud that sticks to shoes and trodden into buildings, leaving an annoying mess all over our clean floors.

Don’t waste time and money on unnecessary cleaning costs, keep your entrance area clean and dry with professional moisture absorbing mats by Kleen-Tex, designed to perform extremely well in busy entrance areas, keeping your floors clean and dry, for a great first impression to visitors


Introducing the Water-Horse Mat
The Water-Horse mat by Kleen-Tex is ideal in rainy conditions and can be positioned effectively indoors or outdoors. With an extremely high water absorption capacity due to the durable embossed waffle design, polypropylene surface and containment borders.

This mat can actually trap and hold
up to 4.5 litres of water per square metre.

So choose the Water-Horse mat and reduce your need for additional floor cleaning.

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