FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS offers cleaning gratitude with savings attitude

Thank you to the commercial cleaning heroes who have been keeping us safe from the virus charge of 2020. Maintaining our sanity by sanitising our workplaces, wiping off the fear that grips with a spray of deodorising disinfectant. Your agility to cope means hospital staff, manufacturers, office workers, and school kids can continue in the ‘new normal’.

We know the challenges ahead will continue, and we have your back, with support to help reduce your running costs with discounted diesel and petrol.

We are FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS and we can help with fuel expenditure and much more. We are a family-owned business supplying fuel cards, and this year nationally we have helped more than 50,000 customers save on fuel, from entrepreneurs to couriers and many more organisations that rely on vehicles to get the job done.


The fuel card range is valid at BP, Esso, Shell, and Texaco sites as well as a choice of supermarket networks, independent retailers, and specialist diesel networks, such as Keyfuels and UKfuels.

The whole point of fuel cards is to deliver real savings, and our fuel cards typically save up to 10p per litre on diesel at the fuel pump.

Pick any of our comprehensive range of commercial rate fuel cards, and we guarantee there will be no transaction charges, network fees or other surcharges added to the bill every time you and your team refuel.

Lower fuel costs eliminated paperwork and reduced administration are just the start. When you enquire, there is no pushing towards any fuel card product, but there is plenty of impartial advice on the most appropriate supplier for your business needs.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oilfast Ltd, who are a substantial bulk fuel, lubricant and licensed Adblue® manufacturer and  distributor – so if you have a fueling station at your depot, we will happily tell you how we can help.

You are managing your team remotely.

Managing the logistics of your team may be more of a priority right now. We know, once your team leave early in the morning, last thing at night and throughout the day, keeping an eye on fuel expenditure and the company vehicles can be a struggle remotely.

Our telematics solutions FLEETLOC8 or combined video and tracking FLEETVISION provide genuine satisfaction for our clients. According to a report by the Department of Transport and the Energy Savings Trust, the benefits of tracking are clear, one company had a 40-vehicle fleet and is now saving £400 a month in fuel costs; another company saw a 30% increase in staff productivity and another that recorded a 20% cut in accidents and a 60% reduction in speeding.

Our tailored tracking systems can provide an immediate and accurate view on vehicle mileage to help you plan replacement cycles and even verify mileage claims.

Other areas where it can make an impact include risk and time management, employee schedules, challenges to fines, minimising mileage and CO2 emissions and reviewing the way your business serves your customers.

Outbidding the competition

We are also a FORS Associate with a FORS Practitioner – so we can help you with environmental compliance too. We know, the challenge of COVID-19 has you focusing more on your reputation as a business means, but a FORS award will help you shine more when bidding for commercial contracts. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. So, having this accreditation may help you make a clean break from all the competition.


The process is transparent and straightforward, plus, there is lots of support available from our FORS Practitioner, Rachel Pearsonto guide you along the way. The FCP (FORS community partnership) consists of Aecom, Fleetsource & CILT. When you gain FORS accreditation within your business, you are also joining an elite group of operators that boast exemplary levels of safety, efficiency, and environmental awareness.

At FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS we know the cornavirus pandemic will continue to drive stress into everyone’s industry, but it will also drive opportunities. So, stay ready to shift in the growth gear, and ride these waves of uncertainty, and talk to us at FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS.

We can help reduce your running costs with discounted diesel and petrol, telematic tracking, vehicle cameras and business insurance solutions.

Visit www.fleetmaxxsolutions.com

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