CONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle – Supplied by OEM Automatic

OEM is very pleased to be selling CONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle. You’ll probably notice that it’s a little different from CONTA-CLIP’s usual offering but it’s a great example of what’s happening in the ‘new normal’. With the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the global pandemic of the infectious disease Covid-19, we’re all living in different times.

When the coronavirus crisis struck, the CONTA-CLIP team first focused on protecting the health of their employees and safeguarding critical supply chains. Then they set themselves the task of contributing to the fight against the coronavirus. The result was a hygienic door handle.

Infection can be very easily spread by touching a contaminated surface and door handles are a prime example of this. They become very easily contaminated as they are touched by so many people as we go about our daily lives. The HYDH hygienic door handle is a simple and effective device that helps prevent the spread of infection.

The hygienic door handle – HYDH

With the HYDH you don’t have to use your hand to open a door, you can use your elbow or your forearm. It’s quickly and easily attached to an existing door handle and no tools are required.

  • Made of robust materials which are easily disinfected and cleaned
  • Suitable for a wide range of different door handles
  • Can be mounted on both left and right-hinged doors
  • Tamper-proof clamps are provided to protect against theft
  • Available in nine different colours:  green, beige, orange, black, blue, grey, white, yellow, red
  • Can be customised with individual logos

To see the HYDH in action, do have a look at the website where you’ll also find a video and more about how to mount the handle. Please click here

Each packaging unit contains one hygienic door handle with two tamper-proof clips, an illustrated manual and a self-adhesive label.

OEM Automatic is very pleased to be playing a part in bringing this useful device to the British and Irish markets.

To find out more, please contact our team on or call 0116 284 9900.

Take care, stay safe, stay healthy.

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