Autonomous Sweepers From Germany Revolutionizing The Cleaning Of Large In And Outdoor Areas

ENWAY published a whitepaper on how to successfully implement a self-driving industrial sweeper, which will save time and money and is a safer and more sustainable way of cleaning.

Whether in industrial areas, logistics centers, or production halls, companies with large working areas know the problem that cleaning is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. The area that needs to be cleaned often extends to thousands of square meters. For the cleaning staff, this is a logistical challenge and the cleaning often has to be rushed during inconvenient times such as nights, weekends, and holidays. Working under high time pressures and inflexible working hours leads to regular sick leave and high turnover rates. Companies have to spend considerably more time and money on acquiring and training new employees. Due to many illness-related absences, no consistent cleaning quality can be achieved.

With the help of autonomous cleaning machines, work processes can be automated and made more efficient. The service robots independently take over time-consuming, physically demanding, and sometimes dangerous work. The cleaning staff will only need to monitor the activities of the autonomous sweeper and in the meantime can concentrate on areas that cannot be cleaned by a robot. In addition to relieving the cleaning staff, personnel shortages can be compensated at any time, without hiring additional staff.

As one of the leading technology companies for high-precision, autonomous sweeping robots, the Berlin-based company ENWAY supports different industries with planning, evaluation, and migration, as well as with all questions or possible challenges after commissioning the self-driving cleaning machines. A serial product from ENWAY is the Blitz One autonomous industrial sweeper, which is based on a model from the German manufacturer Stolzenberg. Blitz One cleans large in- and outdoor areas cost-effectively and efficiently.

Logistics companies, manufacturers, recycling depots, parking areas, and customers with other operation areas harness the potential best when the cleaning robot fits perfectly into their operational processes. For optimal results, the implementation takes place in several steps that build on each other. All these steps will be performed and supported by ENWAY – from the 3D mapping, training for employees and machines, to the going-live of the self-driving sweeper. All details about the steps of implementation can be read in the whitepaper “Autonomous Floor Cleaning: Six steps to the successful implementation of autonomous cleaning solutions”. It goes into detail, but also practically and easily explains how Blitz One fits perfectly into the target operation. You can read the complete whitepaper here for free.



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